RecognizeIT - The second-screen ad information server

We have an innovative solution for placing your ad into the proper banner at the proper time for a tenfold increase in click-trough performance.


Commercial breaks

20% drop can be experienced in TV viership during commercial breaks.


Social media use is concentrated around the brakes with over a 70% share of the total

Click-through rates

The click-through rate for simultaneously placed advertisements is an incredible 39% (as opposed to the standard 2-5%)

Media Intelligence

We monitor TV channels in real time and recognize advertisements automatically when they begin airing. By providing the real-time information to the proper intermediaries, you can ensure that your online ad is placed at the best position during the best time. This way you can improve the impact, efficiency and reach of your campaign!

We provide the following information in real-time Ad name Channel name and share Ad content tags Other optional contextual information

Why RecognizeIT?

Our solution is:


Use it the way you want, when you want it. Customizable campaigns.

Real Time

As soon as the ad appears, the information is provided to the intermediaries, creating extra value for you


No room for human error, the recognition process is automatized


Major results, low cost


Our aim is to provide the best service for our subscibers. We also believe in constant improvement. If you are a company that believes that they have information, data or other resources to contribute to our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a possible cooperation.


If you have relevant, connected content or other resources, please contact us for a cooperation.


We are open to license our technology in the framework of bespoke contructions!


There is still a lot we want to do. If you think you can help us achieve our goals, let's have a chat!

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