Modern picture and sound analysis algorithms together with the analytic capacity of modern hardware make it possible to recognize picture and sound patterns, and provide for the viewers Additional Information
(trivia, news or any kind of information of the on-going program), Voting, Betting, Interactive Advertisement (the viewer can be connected to vendors of the given product), or even Broadcast Related Shopping.


Your own application using the latest technology Self-branded application for smartphones and tablets connected to the TV broadcast or digital video content. Provides extra interface for games, information, discounts, advertisements and product placement. Link your program to the web Use image recognition in your advertising campaigns We provide technology to your creativity!
You imagine we createIT!


It is possible to automatically track and quantify the number of appearances of a given advertisement on every content delivery platform.
This solution allows the advertisers as well as the broadcasters to get the precise number and frequency of the ad's appearance.


Social broadcasting, or viewer communication related to ongoing shows has moved out of its infancy and has become a defining feature of television broadcasting.
Viewers now regularly reach for their phones when wanting to send a text to the editors of a show (think of text-based voting or text
messages scrolling on the bottom of the screen) and instinctively use Facebook and Twitter while watching shows to share their opinions, questions and funny remarks concerning the shows they're viewing with the rest of the audience. SocializeIT links the television to the best social media applications!

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